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New Release Review: Legacy of Blood by J.L McCoy (#4 Skye Morrison Vampire Series)

We're so excited to have one of Bex 'n' Books' favourites on the blog. Today, you're treated to a fabulous review of J.L's latest release, reviewed by Em, who just happens to be a HUGE fan of the lovely author too.
This serious has completely blown us away. Be sure to check it out!

Reviewer: Em
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
I anticipated this book and was so pleased to have the opportunity to have the chance to get my hands on an ARC copy, and I must say yet again J.L.McCoy hasn’t disappointed with this one.

This is book four of a series that has had me gripped from book one, as soon as I finish the latest book, I find myself thinking about the next.  After the end of the third book I wanted to find out what would happen next as the ending had me on the edge of my seat, this book started and had me gripped straight away.

As I began to read, I felt myself being dragged in Skye’s world yet again. I could understand her feelings towards Amun, her confusion and hatred had me wanting to help kill him! When Skye emerged from her transformation and had to deal with all of the changes that were happening and more, I found myself Laughing and crying.  When she first feeds, I was experiencing her embarrassment with the situation.

It difficult to say too much about Skye’s and Archers developing relationship without giving too much away, but it’s certainly well written and as promised there are some ‘hot’ escapades and it’s about time Archer showed his sensual side and let it all out rather than reserved.  As the book progressed as did the relationships between the characters.  They took on a gradual and easy paced read, which kept me as a reader gripped.  I picked the book up and didn’t stop reading until I had finished, I found myself being taken on an emotional journey with lots of laughs, loving and tears.  I found the ending to be well written and yet again wondering what is going to happen in the next adventure of Skye Morrison.

Well done to J.L.McCoy, this is a fantastic read and I will be encouraging friends to grab themselves a copy and get reading!!  I eagerly await the next adventure and can’t wait to hear what is happening with the whole gang! 
Goodreads Synopsis
Skye Morrison begged for death.
Fortunately, someone didn't listen. Skye awakens to discover she has been irrevocably changed and the unprecedented circumstances of her rebirth have now created a new threat to her very existence. Sired by both the monster Amun and the vampire Archer Rhys, Skye must prove to the army of An Dilis (The Faithful) whose essence is most dominant within her and that she is not a danger to them or society. The Faithful soon discover that she is unlike any vampire ever created before as she struggles to adjust to her new life and the changes that come with it.

Her recent brush with death has made Skye realize that life is precious and she wastes no time telling the one she loves how she feels about him.

But, Amun finds out that someone interfered with Skye's transformation and the intrusion makes him livid. He gives Skye 7 days to come to him or he threatens to begin killing the ones she loves most. Will Skye be able to survive long enough to enjoy her new life now that Amun is hunting her and everyone she loves?

Don't miss Legacy of Blood, the fourth installment in the popular Skye Morrison Vampire Series brought to you by author J.L. McCoy.

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About the wonderful J.L McCoy
J. L. McCoy resides in the beautifully weird city of Austin, Texas with her opinionated Pekiweenie Isabel and handsome husband Kenny. She has always been a passionate reader and enjoys watching movies, traveling, listening to heavy metal/classic rock/80s music, getting mani/pedis with her girls, and singing karaoke. She loves body art and is hopelessly addicted to Sonic’s ice and Route 44 un-sweet raspberry iced tea. 

If you’d like more information about her or her upcoming books, please visit her at the following links: 

Awesome Extract!
As soon as my head hit my pillow, and I fully relaxed, my eyes began to grow heavy. All of the excitement I had been through today had taken its toll on me mentally. I desperately needed to sleep and recharge. Before I knew it, I was out cold.

Images flashed behind my eyes, interrupting hours of deep, sound sleep as I softly heard someone whispering my name. Something was pulling at my psyche, demanding entrance, and I finally gave in to the request.

Amun was standing by large body of water with his back to me. As soon as I took a step toward him, he whirled around looking surprised but relieved.

“What took you so long?” he demanded, his black eyes taking on anger. “I’ve been reaching out to you all day. I could feel you but I didn’t have access to you…I couldn’t access your mind. Something is interfering. HOW are you keeping me out?”

“Ha!” I laughed and sneered at the small victory. “You mean to tell me you can’t just come into my dreams whenever you want to?”

He flashed to me and grabbed me by my throat. “You drank their blood?!” he raged in my face as he glared back and forth between my now colorless eyes. “But you are mine!”

“I am no one’s!” I yelled back as I ripped his hand from my neck and pushed him away from me; the action utterly shocking Amun. “No one owns me! No one will EVER own me!”

“A piece of my very soul is inside of you,” he growled, quickly recovering. “You are mine and you will do as I say. You will come to me this night! I DEMAND IT!”

I put my hands on my hips and smirked at him. “Demand away, Amun. I don’t know what you’re expecting, but I’m not going to just come crawling to whatever hole you’re off hiding in. You have no control over me. Get used to it!”

“Oh, I have plenty of control over you,” he sneered evilly as he took another step toward me. “All those disgusting feelings of love and desire you felt for that Day Walker…Archer? I put them there. I made you dream of him, want him, make love to him… I made you want to stay with him when you were so set on leaving. I couldn’t very well allow you to leave and ruin all my plans! But in the end, you betrayed me, Damu. There will be a heavy price to pay for that. You were supposed to stay, complete your change and then kill him and all his children. Instead you drink his blood and pollute yourself?! You could have been something great, something beautifully fierce and exquisitely savage, but now you are just another common, pathetic Day Walker!”

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