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Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway: The Night My Husband Killed Me by Kathleen Hewtson

The Night My Husband Killed Me
Kathleen Hewtson
Genre: Fiction/Paranormal/True Crime 
Publisher: Taylor Street Books Publication Date 07-11-2012 
ISBN: 1478231688 
Number of pages: 328 
Word Count: 90.000 
Cover Artist: Tim Hewtson 

Book Description: 
   A movie heart-throb 
              A sports superstar 
                                      An aristocrat 
            A brilliant surgeon 

                                                                                  Killers all.

These are the stories of those they killed. 
Their wives. 

'The Night My Husband Killed Me', is the story of four women who were murdered by their husbands. 
All of the women were beautiful, and were either famous at the time of their deaths, or became famous for being the victims of the charismatic, disturbed, men who ended their lives. 
Being dead doesn’t end a woman’s feelings, or her anger. There is Natalie, the international and revered movie star who died the death she had most feared all of her life. There is the beautiful, life-loving Nicole, who might just have gone back to the stunning athlete she loved, if only he hadn’t killed her first. Then there is Sunny, heiress to one of America's greatest fortunes, sent into an irreversible coma for paying too much for all the wrong things. And finally, there is Colette, the high school sweetheart who married the golden boy and endured a marriage of increasing lies and disappointment, culminating in her death and that of her little girls shortly after Valentine’s Day.
These four amazing women’s lives were cut short, but each has a story to tell … and now they have. 

        About the Author
Kathleen Hewtson lives and writes in San Francisco California, her  writing focuses on actual cases which she then takes and makes into books about how it might have happened. This is her fifth novel.  
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  1. I find the premise so intriguing. These women all have stories I would like to read and see how it led up to their deaths.
    Raffle name: Fiery Na

  2. Looks like an amazing book cant wait to read added to my TBR list.

  3. This looks really good. I am always a fan of murder and murder mystery books. I read a lot of serial killer nonfiction books also! I may be slightly demented in that respect.

    Thanks for sharing,


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