Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cover Reveals: Oceans of Red V1 & V2 by Willow Cross

So very excited - again - this time because the fabulous Willow Cross has only gone and had the covers for Oceans of Red Volumes One & Two redesigned. She never stops that woman! Seriously!

So be prepared to jump up and down and squeal just a little or a lot if you prefer and check out these stunning covers!

Oceans of Red Vol One

This is an amazing novella, filled with action, kick-ass characters and a fantastic level of intrigue. 

I was immediately drawn to the main characters. I loved their attitudes, their dedication to their mission and their relationships. Remy’s character especially was easy to follow; she’s a really likeable strong character, who is easily comparable to the many strong paranormal heroines in the genre.

The storyline concept is clever and is extremely well crafted and developed. I’ve read a lot of demon based stories lately, and this is so very different, so very clever. What’s more, I can’t believe it’s still FREE! After reading, I immediately reached out to Amazon to download volume two.

I highly recommend Oceans of Red to paranormal, fantasy and urban fantasy fans. A cracking read!

Oceans of Red Vol Two

Oceans of Red Volume Two by Willow Cross is an exciting follow on from the amazing volume one. Volume two is filled with fast-paced action and a lovely level of character development of the characters that we have begun to know and love from volume one, Remy,Greg and Shane. 

We also get to know a little more about Remy's destiny which is imaginatively created and developed by Willow Cross. I, as always, enjoyed Willow Cross's writing style, especially her characterisation of her key players. She really manages to give her characters true and believable voices.

Volume two sets us up perfectly for the next installment. I can not wait to continue to discover how this series unfolds.

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