Sunday, 2 December 2012

Getting ready for Endless Night (Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult Series #2) by RM Gilmore

Now in prepartion for this exciting release, I have a lovely treat for you all - a flipping fantastic extract that will undoubtedly leave you begging for more!
If you love the flavour of RM Gilmore's writing as much as I do and have yet to read The Scene - They're Not Your Daughter's Vampires (#1)
then be sure to download yourself a copy or treat yourself to a paperback.

Endless Night Synopsis
The bitch is back in this second installment of the series. The irreverent Dylan Hart, once again, graces us with her presence, this time from down in New Orleans. She has drug along her band of misfit vampires, but this time blood drinkers are the least of her worries. Dylan finds herself entangled in the underground world of blood and lust when she encounters a new, and much more frightening, villain. Voodoo. Who do?

Tempting Extract - Endless Nights

He lowered his head to meet the crook of my neck. I didn’t protest. I didn’t shove him away. Slap his face. Knee him in the nuts. Nothing. I just let him fucking do it. I felt the tips of pointed fangs poke the tender skin at my neck and braced myself for the pain to come. My heart fluttered in anticipation. I was scared to death of the pain, but in a way, excited about the possibilities. A tiny piece of my heart knew he wouldn’t kill me. Believed deep down he had a soul and would never take mine from me. At least not without replacing it with immortal life. I closed my eyes and tried to embrace the danger. Allow myself to feel wanted, if only for my delicious blood. And somewhere inside, want it right back. 

The pressure from the tips of his fangs became too great and the skin of my neck finally gave way. I felt his lips touch the soft area of my neck and draw in his first taste of my blood. It took my breath from my lungs to feel my blood escape my body and enter his warm mouth. His hands squeezed my arms with such intensity I felt the heat emanating from the tips if his fingers like a fire under my skin. His grip pulled me in closer to him and I felt his chest rise and fall with excited breaths. Another whimper undulated from deep in my chest and his strong arms rocked my body with a jolt. It was an odd motion and didn’t correlate with the situation. Again his arms jolted and shook my body with them. A squeal came from high in my throat and I squeezed my eyes tighter in pain. He was hurting me with this new motion. Another jolt of his arms. And another. Another. Until he was shaking me back and forth. His teeth still sunk deep in my neck, I was screaming with every jar of my body as each movement tore at the tender flesh of my neck. 

Screams came with tears and my fists again flew up and began punching at his shoulders and arms. I wanted him to stop. I didn’t want this anymore. The pain was so great I thought I’d pass out, but I forced myself to fight him off. To live through this horrific encounter and kill the bastard the second I got the chance. I hit as hard as I could and felt his grip tighten as he shook me harder.

How blooming fan-bloody-tastic does Endless Nights sound!
Get yourself prepared for the 2013 and be sure to follow RM Gilmore to keep up-to-date with release news, and grab yourself a copy of book one - The Scene!

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