Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: Debts and Druids by Diana J. Febry

The first half of Debts and Druids, I felt confused.  I was jumping around and all over the place.  But about half way through things finally started to piece together.  

It is quite an interesting story - Bob's wife has a bit of a nasty habit about overspending and Sarah has a hidden past.  The author kept me turning the pages, after all, the tale is quite interesting and worth the time to check the book out.  That being said, there were a lot of loose ends in the end and I didn't feel completely satisfied with the ending.  

It is a quite a good storyline. I just felt there needed to be a bit more in the end.  I won't give much away because I don't want to include spoilers, but there is a big burning question in the end that I wanted answered and it was not.  However, the author's writing style and the tone of the characters kept me engrossed in the storyline and wanting more.  I rate this a 3.

Book Synopsis
Bob wants to avoid financial ruin at any cost. Tina wants to compete at the Regionals at any cost. Sarah wants to hide her past at any cost. Dick wants to find a new way of life at any cost. But who will pay the highest cost?
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