Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cover Reveal: Sovereign Pleasures by J.V.K

We are so excited to be revealing J.V.K's new book cover for 'Sovereign Pleasures', not only that, but just a little honoured too.

J.V.K, for those of you don't know, is such a wonderful, talented young writer. She is so determined to improve and develop her craft and works so darn hard not only to raise her own profile, but for many other indie authors too. She's truly special.

Here's a little bit about her exciting new book:

Book Synopsis
*Caution This is for 18+ contains Man on Man Sexual encounter.

A set of five short steamy stories. It takes you to the realm where pain and pleasure collide, taking you on a breath taking ride you will not forget. Meet the men of Sovereign Pleasures, and listen to their stories of their pain... and their pleasure...

Sovereign Pleasures by J.V.K will be published by the amazing E.A.R Publishing. If you've yet to check out this company or its director, Katherine Rochholz then please spend a little time checking their links out.

And now, with only a bit of a fanfare, here is J.V.K's new cover...

... whoops forgive me I was drooling! What a hot, simplistic cover. It certainly gets my attention.

It would be lovely if you could follow the lovely J.V.K
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  1. I love this cover. He is very sexy! Plain and simple, who needs anything else on the cover besides the title. If there was anything else, I didn't see it! LOL! How do I like this authors page? Don't I need more than initials. BTW, the book sounds like a good read. When will it be for sale, lol!! No puns intended!!

    1. Lol - I know exactly what you mean Deborah. There is a Facebook hyperlink at the bottom of the blog post, but if it's not working here it is:

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment <3


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