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Review & Giveaway: Finding Stones by Tiffany Luv Wright

Week 7 of our AUTHOR OF THE WEEK Feature is upon us. This week we welcome the gorgeously talented Tiffany Luv Wright to Bex 'n' Books.
To kick of the week check out our review of Finding Stones. Later in the week we'll be featuring an interview with the lovely Tiffany, and hopefully a second review, but of her book Taurean & Leo.

20 year old Jaxx had everything a girl could dream of, until she meets her lifes mission in the mines of New Mexico, beginning a descent in to a world of witchcraft, ancient demon enemies, and Immortal lives, realizing that growing up means coming to terms with the eternal battle between good and evil, and the line blurring at every turn. It introduces new enemies and fictional characters, as well as a strong and independent young heroine.
Jaxx had moved around her entire life, until settling in Silver City, NM., where she meets the best friends she cannot imagine her life without. She enters in to a world of witchcraft handed down in her family for centuries, and learns that sometimes you have to hold on to those friendships in the physical and spiritual world in order to continue the journey.
Gut-wrenching losses, eternal battles between good and evil, and finally able to let go of the material world, Jaxx slides in to an Underworld where witches, spirits, Immortals, Lusts, and other demonic creatures rule. She loses some of the people closest to her, and gains new relationships that are furious with love and purpose.
The evil lurking right around the corner is bad enough, but when she realizes how fine the line is between good and evil, it threatens to consume all of the love she has known. She draws her power from earthly stones, and each person has a power connected to the elemental stones destined to them. As her battle pushes on, she realizes that she has only tapped the surface of what exists in our world.
Finding Stones is a fast-paced read, filled with strong character development, an effective plot and a well-crafted narrative. I was immediately drawn into Jaxx's world, and enjoyed getting to know this very strong female protagonist better. There were lots of lovely elements of realism associated with her character, so much so, that she was easy to identify with.

The collection of witches and vampires were very original; they certainly break many conventions which made Finding Stones an interesting read. The plot also develops nicely to create a perfect point ready for the next installment in the series, Casting Gems.

 The pace, as already mentioned was very fast; often decisions were made very quickly without a great deal of development which I would have liked as this would have allowed me to get into the characters' head space a little better. There were several times that I thought 'that was fast'! However, this didn't take my overall enjoyment or appreciation of the read away. It was fairly easy to get used to the style.

What I additionally liked about Finding Stones was that it wasn't romance led. There are a lot of elements of an Urban Fantasy as opposed to a Paranormal Romance in this book. There were lovely relationship moments, yet they didn't take over the storyline or indeed Jaxx's mission.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, that comes highly recommended from Bex 'n' Books.
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