Saturday, 30 June 2012

Giveaway: 400 Facebook Followers

Bex 'n' Books' Facebook Page has reached 400 followers. Thank you so much!
As a thank you, we have 14 lovely prizes up for grabs. Bex 'n' Books, alongside three amazing authors who have donated have the following prizes just for you all:
    • 2 $5 Amazon Voucher
    • 4 Ecopies of books 1 or 2 of the Katy Lily series by Katherine Christina Rochholz
    • 3 Ecopies of Katherine Christina Rochholz's collection of poems and short stories
    • 2 Ecopies of anyone of the books reviewed by Bex 'n' Books
    • 2 Copies of Damon by Teresa Gabelman
    • Swag Pack
    • Ecopy of The Scene by RM Gilmore
    • 2 ecopies of Black Lace by LVK (if it's ready in time :) )

  •  Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsBlack Lace - Book –ěne
To enter simply fill out the rafflecopter form. Good luck!

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